Opportunities Include: grants, funding, fellowships etc.


Opportunities For YouthGlobal

Empowering youth through access to information and opportunities.

Opportunities for Africans - Africa

Connecting Africans to the latest life changing opportunities

Opportunity Desk - Global

The largest platform for international opportunities

Opportunities Forum - Global

A forum where various opportunities like education, jobs and entrepreneurial ideas are shared for the benefit of diverse cultures.

OYA Opportunities - Global

Bringing all the opportunities from all over the world in one platform, making it easy to find your dream opportunity.

Funding Opportunities - Global

Making Opportunities accessible to organizations and individuals

Prince Claus Fund - Select Regions

The Prince Claus Fund stimulates the freedom of cultural expression worldwide

Arts and Culture Trust - South Africa

South Africa's premier independent arts and culture funding development agency. Pro-active agents of change in the creative economy. 

National Arts Council (NAC) - South Africa

The vision of the NAC is to promote through the arts, the free expression of South African cultures. 

British Council SSA Arts - UK and Sub-Saharan Africa

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. 





On The Move: Cultural Mobility Information Network - Global

A cultural mobility information network with members in over 20 countries across Europe and internationally. Their mission is to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation.

VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa)

An industry organisation supporting the development of the visual arts sector.

African Writers Trust - Africa

The African Writers Trust is a body that aims to bridge the divide between African writers and publishing professionals living in the diaspora and on the continent, bringing them together in order to promote synergies and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups. 

Journalism.co.za - South Africa 

The site is intended both as a resource for working journalists in Southern Africa and a teaching tool for the (Wits) university programme. It also allows media companies to find new talent, to promote services, award programmes, training or events in a multitude of ways. 



28 January 2020


South Africa

Since its initiation in 2012, the Scouting Menswear Competition set out to select the best of the best within a large pool of young menswear design talent. It has raised the profile of emerging menswear designers, introduced them to media and buyers as well as supported them in breaking through into the retail market. The Scouting Menswear Competition assists designers in coping with the demand to establish their brand soon after they have launched.

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11 February 2020



Their grant application is straight forward.

They accept and encourage submissions from applicants 18 years or older, from around the world within the following two categories:

- Art – Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Sculpture, Film / Video, Mixed Media, Installation, New Media.

- Photography- Portrait, Conceptual, Still Life, Black + White, Documentary, Street, Composite, Collage.

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5 February 2020

FestivalConnect 2020

UK and Sub-Saharan Africa

The FestivalConnect grant facilitates connections, exchanges and showcases contemporary arts between UK and SSA festivals across any and all art forms. 

FestivalConnect 2020 is open to festivals in the UK and SSA*. It facilitates connections, exchanges and showcases contemporary arts between UK and SSA festivals across art forms and at a scaled ambition. 

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16 February 2020

African Writers Trust

African Writers Trust Publishing Fellowship Programme :2nd Edition 

Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

The Publishing Fellowship programme was designed to create a step-change in the book sector in Africa, by focusing on professional development of upcoming talent in African publishing over three years (2018-2021). The overall objective of the programme is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences and collaborative learning between the more experienced publishers and the early career and emerging ones.

The programme will be delivered at two levels: 1)Mentoring and Training Workshop and 2)Seed Funding

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1 March 2020

Digital Lab Africa

DLA#4: Call For Projects 

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to anyone from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project in 5 categories: digital art, immersive realities, video game, animation  and music.

DLA is looking for projects at initial stage of development, innovative in terms of narration, content or technologies.

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21 February 2020

Boiler Room X Ballantine's True Music Fund

South Africa

Boiler Room X Ballantine’s True Music’s long standing partnership introduces the True Music Fund.


If you are an artist, promoter or creative looking to make a difference in your local music community via events that celebrate your music scene - this fund is for you. To be in the running for a chance to reshape, redefine and reinvigorate your local music scene, all you need to do is share your proposal with them.

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26 March 2020

MAC International 2020: Competition


MAC International is the largest arts prize in Ireland and one of the few major art prizes in the UK, offering artists from around the world an opportunity to exhibit at the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) in Belfast, with a prize of 20,000 GBP awarded to the artist deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the exhibition.

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