The Shoe Story

Shoes say alot about the person wearing them. They tell the story of where that person has been and what they have been through. Obakeng Molepe took to Maboneng, Jeppestown and Braamfontein to capture a diverse group of individuals.

A woman from Marshall Town, image taken near Jeppe taxi rank. " I was just fetching the kids, I wasn't prepared to be photographed"

A young man drinking at Kitchners, Braamfontein

An old man standing outside his home in Jeppestown

A "cool kid" sitting outside Father Coffee in Braamfontein

A construction worker on Fox street, Maboneng

An old man waiting for a taxi on the corner of Main and Marshall street Johannesburg CBD

A homeless young man on the streets of Braamfontein.

The young man said that he is originally from Dobsonville in Soweto and wants to go back home

Vintage clothing seller at Kitchners.

"My dusty Doc Martins... I'm working on a movie, thats the dust from running around at the different locations - art in

the making."

A young man in sartorial clothing in Braamfotein

A student getting on a taxi on Jan Smuts avenue

Concept: Unlabelled Team

Creative Direction: Phendu Kuta

Photography: Obakeng Molepe