Event: Playing Outside the Norm with RHTC + Interview with Mpumi "Frypan" Mfula

On the 4th of July, the team from Unlabelled Magazine was at one of the few screenings of the RHTC advertisement. We were among excited individuals who eagerly awaited the screening of the RHTC advert. We all sat closely to one another wanting to get a clear glimpse of a screen that would eventually air an advert that we’ve all been waiting for. An advert which saw people with a common interest of playing outside of the norm come together to not only support RHTC in creating a playful yet straight to the point advert but help everyone realise that with a little bit of collaboration anything is possible.

Since February 2012 Returning Home To Create, commonly known as RHTC has given an online platform to brands which represent the fashion industry within our street culture to sell their unique pieces. They are street artists who sell culture. And you can find a variety of brands such as KreativeBeings, The Uniconz and Thesis just to name a few.

However, we were not only there for the screening of the advert but the session gradually moved into a workshop which saw our youth discussing what story telling means to them. From movies to poems and music videos to script writing, each of the three key speakers; Lee Molefi, Lebohang Nova Masango, Sfiso Gcabashe and Director Kit shared their insight, leaving the rest of us inspired and motivated to tell our own stories. Director Kit reminding us that there are three sides to a story; mine yours and what actually happened and that we shouldn’t lose our identity in sharing our own stories. At the end of an inspirational screening and workshop we spoke to Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula, founder of RHTC, to get some insight into the concept behind the advert.

Has the response lived up to your expectations in terms of screening?

“Mosdef. Getting a tweet about how cool the advert is will always be feedback that remains questionable, however seeing the faces and reactions of people while watching the advert gives us genuine feedback and it’s been the most amazing response we’ve ever received on any RHTC visual project.”

For the rest of 2015 can we expect more interactive activities from RHTC?

“Yes. December the 12th. Remember the date. #LetsPlayOutside

Can we expect more brands joining the RHTC family this year?

“Mosdef. we’ll soon open up space for a number of developing brands to feature on our “developing brand section” we are the official home of developed and developing South African street wear brands in South Africa. “

Sfiso Gcabashe

Lee Molefi

Nova Masango

Director Kit

Writing: Lebo Mashigo

Photography: Obakeng Molepe

#MpumeleloMfula #LetsPlayOutside #Artculture

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