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Marianne Fassler presents Print-a-Porter inspired by Joburg

This collection comes to you from Jo’burg, the home of Marianne Fassler and her creative collective, Leopard Frock.

Jo’burg is a modern African city, the economic powerhouse of South Africa, also

described as the ‘New Babylon, the New Nineveh’… still the place to find whatever

personal ‘gold’ you are looking for.

This is a portrait of a cosmopolitan city, forever drawing people from the Continent,

China, India, Eastern Europe and other restless places, in search of a better or a

different life. Joburg will always be a city in transition, bound by the potential for

change and the possibility of greatness.

But, it’s also a huge urban jungle, a city where trees outnumber people. Joburg is the

world’s largest urban forest with in excess of 10 million trees.


Lookbook by Vatic Studio

Lookbook photography by Brett Rubin

Background city projections photographed by Brett Rubin

Art direction by Nicole Van Heerden & Lezanne Viviers

Models Juanita & Emy

Hair by Saadique Ryklief

Make up by Mac Cosmetics

Photographic assistance by Tatenda Chidora

#MarianneFassler #BrettRubin #NicolevanHeerden

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