Anthony Bila x Lucozade “Pink Lemonade”

Anthony Bila, the photographer and creative, also known as The Expressionist is working on a new project with Lucozade, the project is a campaign called the "Do Over". In this particular shoot he worked with his friend, designer Nokana Mojapelo. This is what he had to say about his and Nokana's "do overs" .

"Have you ever wanted a second chance at a first impression? I have. Think about it, think about yourself; your life. I believe there a key moments in all our lives, a pinpoint moment where we have the chance to grow, to change our lives, to start over. If there was one thing I could do over, it would be one of my first studio photo-shoots, I was nervous and not nearly ready. So I did (the shoot over), the following images are a photo shoot I did at my Makes[h]ift Studios with a talented fashion designer friend of mine called Nokana Mojapelo who, like me had a second chance at a first impression, he was once an aspiring soccer player at a very high level and he decided to do a “do over” and pursue his passion for design and colour, pink in particular and this coincided perfectly with Lucozades new “Pink Lemonade” flavour. The best part of any “do over” is always the second chance to make a first impression, this is what myself and Nokana have the chance to do. His all pink clothing line is called “Bootycall” so look out for it early next year."

This is a great competition where you have the opportunity to share with Anthony what you would “do over” if you had the chance, with energy and in pink!

Find more information about the competition on his blog here.


Photography; Anthony Bila Model: Nokana Mojapelo Location: Makes[h]ift Studios, Johannesburg South Africa

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