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Moonchild is a young musician, fashion designer and creative force. She describes her sound as Future Ghetto Funk which is influenced by Hip Hop, Kwaito and Jazz. She chats to Unlabelled about her new single (coming out soon), her signature blue hair and how life, women empowerment and liberation inspire the content of her music.

To a person who is not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

Firstly it’s called Future Ghetto Funk, that’s the name of the sound. And it is inspired by Hip Hop, Kwaito and Jazz which is my background.

Tell us about your signature blue hair, what was the inspiration?

I was looking at a broom and a mop and I was just going for that, I was going for the Basotho hat vibe. I didn’t pick the colour, it was there [at a friend's place], I just took wool from a friend and it just became a thing. I decided to register it only when I saw that it was becoming a thing and people were following the trend. So I’ve patented the hair.

What have been some of the influences during the making of the album?

I’m releasing the album later; right now I’m releasing singles. The first single is with DJ Maramza, thats the one Im going to be shooting a video for before I head to Texas.

The influences in the singles are life, situations and all the things that empower women... liberation, education.

You have collaborated with the likes of Thandiswa Mazwai and Spoek Mathambo, to name a few. What have those experience taught you and who would you like to work with in the future?

In the future I’d like to work with Beyoncé and Leta Mbuli.

I havent collaborated on a song with Thandiswa [Mazwai], Ive just done shows with her, mam Busi [Mhlongo], Ive done shows with the legends, back in the jazz days...

What have been some of the challenges with establishing your music and brand?

Getting yourself out there for people to regconise and respect you for your art and not just being a pretty face... cos Im a pretty girl and I could be easily taken for a dick sucker that got the deal from sucking dick.

Music is….. Life

Without fashion I would….. Be naked

I could never picture myself….. Standing for nothing

If I could start a new career it would be….. Psychologist

Support my music because….. It’s amazing and uniquely educative

Look out for Moonchild's upcoming single with DJ Maramza


Image: Andrew Boyle/ Okayafrica

Interview : Ongezwa Fuzile

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