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South Africa is often narrowly portrayed as a black and white society especially in issues concerning race, culture and class.

Challenging this narrow gaze by creating imagery and narratives that are representative of other ethnic groups allows for diverse perspectives thus creating a more inclusive society.

The choice of models for this shoot was influenced by showcasing an ethnic group that is at times culturally excluded.

Progressive milliner Crystal Birch created the hats for this visual story from repurposed off cuts and pieces from her studio. When speaking of her creative process she says, "I played with what I had in studio and kept interesting shapes in mind, Gavin Collins (the Creative Director) told me to make what feels right in the moment and to focus on more rather than less"

Creative Direction: Gavin Collins

Photography: Kent Andreasen

Models: Lenina Parks and Joshua Gabriel Boulton

Hair and Makeup: Diana Asherson

Stockists: CHULAAP, Rings and Things, Merchants on Long, Missibaba, Nicola West, Waif


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