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Style Diary: Sithembiso Mngandi

Stylist, designer and co-owner of Fruitcake Vintage Sthembiso Mngandi showcases his style in 5 looks.

When asked how he puts his looks together he says, "I put my looks together in a spontaneous manner, it goes with my mood. I usually start with one item of clothing like a hat and then the look develops from that hat. Internationally Yohji Yamamo's designs make my heart skip a beat and locally I love how Dion Chang's style is smooth, with a hint of craziness."

On what his style says about him, "my style says I'm a free thinker who doesn't conform to the norm. I would like to wear a Superella parachute dress and pair it with a suit someday, that's just the way I am."

On which decade he thinks was the most stylish, "I'm always torn between the 1920s and the 1970s. I'm a true Gemini, always caught in opposites. I dig the 1920s for the dandy style, those suits and flapper dresses seem so effortlessly stylish. The 1970s were so rad and carefree."


Photography: Brooklyn J. Pakathi

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