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Sense & Sensuality | A Photo Series by Alexia Roussos

The idea for this collection is based on the idea of sensuality as an abstract idea. Sensuality, along with most aspects of personal expression, has been defined and constrained by a set of heteronormative gender roles: it has been delegated to women and is associated with femininity. At some point I realised that this (along with other aspects of the gender roles of society at large) didn’t really make sense to me. I started noticing the way that my relationships changed and deepened when I stopped subconsciously basing them off of the heteronormative ideals that are thrown at us every day, and how my lovers and I started to feel more comfortable and free when we allowed ourselves to express ourselves more freely.

This is where the concept for my collection came from: It was the idea of sensuality as a free and open expression of one’s individuality, without the trappings of societal pressures.

Once you start to see and understand the ways in which gender roles define the interactions you have with people, and with yourself, you get the opportunity to redefine what intimacy and self-expression mean to you. That process allows for a much deeper and more well rounded understanding of yourself: the concept for my work explores one aspect of that journey

The collection was a year in the making, and through the process I came to see sensuality as a discrete entity that existed outside of human interactions or expectations. It isn’t defined by your gender, or by your sexuality, or even by your relationship with or proximity to another person.

Sensuality is about one’s relationship with oneself, and how you chose to share that with others.


Photography & Creative Direction: Alexia Roussos

Models: Campbell Jessica Meas and Tshepo Mokoena

Assistant: Siphumelele Chagwe

Clothing: Alexia Roussos' range, Sense & Sensuality

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