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The Uniconz Present the "Self Doubt Remedy" Lookbook

Emerging street wear brand The Uniconz present their AW/17 lookbook. In defining the concept behind the collection and the shoot, founder Sandile Mhlongo explains, "while creating this collection I was suffering from a lot of self doubt and uncertainty and I did not trust in myself and my creativity as much I usually do."

The collection was about creating clothing that will remind me that through my creations or whatever I do there is someone or something out there that trusts in me (to put it out) and low-key there is someone in the same predicament as myself. This lookbook was about capturing what happens mentally when you are creating, so that is why in the majority of the shots the models have their eyes closed and in some photos the faces are layered on top of one another just to communicate that element of self doubt that goes through the mind because when you have self doubt, there's one voice that says "this is dope" and there's the other voice that says "I'm not too sure about it", then there's the one that says "what will people think about it", and there's the one that says "it might need more work" and so it was a matter of communicating that both through the visuals and through the clothing and hence why the phrase says, "In U We trust" or "In Uniconz We Trust" and its sort of like a subliminal message to the brain that tells both the wearer and myself that someone trusts in you to do what you have to do and it may start off slow but there are people who will get it and it will be successful.


Photography: @Unclebats

Styling: @BaddieK

Models: @Tammy_sleep and @Paxton_aura

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