'i wish you'd tell me sweet words rn' Video Art by Brooklyn Pakathi

Most people act, speak, and engage differently online than they do irl (in real life)

We often assert a level of confidence, brashness and boldness that presents our digital personas as disparate identities towards our offline realities.

Our personalities alter and adapt towards different situations online in which thought, messaging and meaning are more considered, whatever the intention or potential outcome might be.

IWYTMSWRN is created out of the desire to explore the changing interactions of private messaging culture as affected by the nuanced complexities in the atmosphere that occur during the day and again at night time. Looking at how light and dark influence emotional, hormonal, and psychological behaviour through personal, sensitive, and intimate text messages / online communication.

Real text and online conversations submitted by a number of anonymous users through a sub reddit forum have and continue to be collected and archived with the purpose of sitting layered atop video footage of public spaces captured during the day.

These conversations zoom in on the emotional and psychological behavioral patterns reflected by the changing of day into night. The activities we engage with during the day often suppress our thoughts and emotions whilst the night amplifies those feelings.

Below is 'i wish you'd tell me sweet words rn' Part III, Look out for Part IV on Brooklyn Pakathi's Vimeo page


Artwork and Artist Statement: Brooklyn J. Pakathi