New Eclectic Releases From Africa and The Diaspora (iii)

The third edition of New Eclectic Releases from Africa and The Diaspora brings about fresh sounds from a dynamic range of artists. The playlist opens with a dreamy trap beat aptly titled "Awaking" by Donzilla Lion from Kampala, Uganda.

Cape Town beat makers have offered us a lot in the last month, 1991, Omar Morto and Parabyl have all released tracks, each serving something different.

Nairobian beat collective XPRO who label their music as Nairobass have put together a four track EP of smooth bass instrumentals titled XRC 006.

The new releases include some interesting collaborations including Nigeria’s biggest export Burna Boy's latest track ‘Heaven’s Gate' featuring Lily Allen as well as Parabyl's track Dread Ringer from his new EP Entaglement, the track features MxBlouse and Tzara.

Sean Munnick is going from strength to strength - his latest release is a Kwaito remix of Pharell’s ‘Frontin', definitely a future classic on the dance floors.


Collage: Daisie Jo

Writing & Curated Playlist: Ella G