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MOONCHILD | The Multi-faceted Musician on Creating Body Positive Music

Singer, songwriter, designer and all-round artist Moonchild, known at times as Moonchild Sanelly shares what inspires her musically and fashion-wise; her career goals and her upcoming album.

What drives you to strive for what you do?

Music and fashion are my life. I cant imagine living without them

How do you manage your time between being a singer, songwriter and a designer?

I rehearse at night or dry season and design by day and see clients.

I try make time for both, because sometimes I design and construct overnight since I get a lot of emergency clients.

You've recently added artist to your resume, how did that come about?

I did a visual exhibition had mini Moon dolls with the help of an assistant. It was dope! Id love to be hosted at another space soon.

It was at Ithuba gallery.

Thenji and Pam (our curators and amazing and respected artists) approached me but then they told me Musa Nxumalo (photographer) had mentioned me, they checked me out, felt my vibe because my art /video was not female based, like it wasn't just about me being just a girl making girly art, it just was not sexualised. So they selected 7 female artists from Joburg to represent their type of art expression and exhibit! The ladies where awesome. Thenji and the team really helped me a lot, I'm grateful for their patience and assistance. Sorry if i made your lives a lil eeeehd...

Tell us about your clothing brand

My fashion label is Moonchild Cultwear. The name came from when I had red braids and people called me names like Satanist, Gothic,etc. (of course that wasn't well researched) so I decided to play on their ignorance and call my brand a cult! I promise its not sinister, I'm pure-ish heeheheeeheehee

Who inspires you musically?

I love Beyonce, Paloma Faith, Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott, Dr Dre, Snoop, J Cole,

I'm inspired by power, I'm inspired by freedom, I'm inspired by people without a voice, I'm inspired by colour, I'm inspired by my kids, I'm inspired by other artists, I'm inspired by emotions, I could go on...

And who do you look up to in the fashion industry?

In the fashion industry I'm inspired by the Japanese culture, I'm inspired by art, imagination, cartoons. I love Vivienne Westwood

What does the future look like for Moonchild?

I pray that in 5 years I have my fashion basics Academy up and running where I can go to underprivileged schools where kids can learn basic skills of garment construction, basic blocks, and design. How far they push themselves will be totally up to them. I want the kids who don't manage to get to varsity due to a lack of funds to at least be equipped with a skill so they can empower themselves.

I'm releasing my album at the end of the month November 2014, full date to follow

I want to be representing Africa in the world, teach through my lyrics, dance and be happy! I see myself going to my daughters wedding, the births of my grandchildren and having a happy home.

What's your favourite track on the album and why?

Sdudla. It addresses body issues, in it I talk about where I grew up how being fat was equivalent to murder

And Dance Like a Girl, it celebrates the body

What is it that people don't know about you yet that you would like them to know?

I'm a skater, a mother and a stylist as well. I cant cook, I love meat and I'm spiritual.

Photography: Nikki Zakkas

Interview and Styling: Phendu Kuta


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