New Eclectic Releases From Africa And The Diaspora (iv)

This edition of new music releases includes tracks by South African music heavyweights such as Nakhane, Batuk and Slikour as well as emerging talent such as Darkie Fiction and Lasta who are proving that they will be creating fresh sounds for the long haul.

Batuk is a duo composed of Spoek Mathambo and Manteiga, their EP entitled Move! comes with the fire on their title track, nonetheless the whole EP is a vibe with other hits such as Niks Mapha! where vocalist Manteiga really delivers the bars on that track.

Rome based DJ and Producer Nan Kole and Lerato Phiri’s label Gqom oh! have released their latest EP "The Originators" featuring heavyweights such as DJ Lag and Rude Boyz.

Gambia’s King Kora collaborated with reggae Swiss act Elijah Salomon on a track titled Reggaeville.

Joburg’s Thiaps' new track Phihliza is a mesh of different sounds which he titles "Mzansi Mnandi" and plays on township slang with phrases like "We philing" meaning we are living.

Cape Town duo Darkie Fiction consisting of Katt Daddy and songstress Yoza Mnyanda bless us with this playful track “Fiction Sound”. Darkie Fiction is arguably one of Cape Town's biggest emerging music groups at the moment.

Some notable mentions are the music video releases this past week. Songstress Lasta released "Back to the Future" her sound is mix of soul and electronic music, the track features Zulu lyrics here and there, an ode to her ancestors.

The multi-talented Nakhane also released the single 'Interloper' from his upcoming album 'You Will Not Die" which is coming out on March 16th.


Collage: Daisie Jo

Writing and Curated Playlist: Ella G