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Kidd Hunta's "Brave & Bold Colleague" AW/18 collection

"BRAVE & BOLD COLLEAGUE", a line that is inspired by the change that the African psyche has undergone over the past few decades. The African people have undergone many revolutions over the past 50 years, the African identity has been challenged by foreign ideals and as such, much assimilation has taken place.

We have two dominant colors in this collection, charcoal grey and Dutch Orange, these opposing colors are symbolic of the different cultures that have come into contact with each other but have found harmony within each other.

The garments in this collection are a fusion of European inspired styles and African elements, intricately put together for the individual who lives with a constant tether to his or her heritage in a modernized society. The BRAVE & BOLD COLLEAGUE is a story of African evolution in an ever-changing world, it is a story told through fabric, it is our story, it is your story.

brave hearts never fail.

Photographers: Ben Moyo & Anaka

Stylist : Buhle Mbongwa

Model: Marc Makonero

Clothing: Kidd Hunta

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