New Eclectic Releases From Africa and The Diaspora (v)

This edition of new music releases is dominated by artists from Nairobi - the ambient, bassy "Get it" by Asthma, featuring Vallerie Muthoni, and "Gloomy Morning", a feel-good funky track from M³, featuring another powerful songstress, Emma Cheruto. 

The special focus on Kenya is completed by a personal favourite - the smooth 90s-reminscent R&B track "Lies" by RU.BY.

Spoek Mathambo has been busy - releasing music under the name Batuk, with Carla Fonseca (featured in our (iv) playlist) and also focusing on his solo work. You can listen to his latest solo release "Ahhe" here.

South African comedian and parody musician Okay Wasabi weighs in with a 12-track release titled "With Love From Marabastad". Listen to "Please call me" - a distinctly relatable track for anyone who has run out of airtime or data and has had to resort to sending a bae a please call me! 

As anticipated, 2018 is looking to be a great year for African music globally. 


Writing and Curated Playlist: Ella G

Collage: Daisie Jo