New Eclectic Releases From Africa and The Diaspora (vi)

June’s playlist sees a lot of jazzy and lo-fi hip hop beatmakers making an appearance on the playlist - including two out of Kenya, Fvzzkill and EKUMBO. Future-soul sisters Kajama have released yet another smooth and dreamy track, this time on a new compilation from Johannesburg-based label Subterranean Wavelength. Titled WireTribe: A SubWav Compilation and curated and arranged for Subterranean Wavelength by Micr.Pluto, the compilation is jam-packed with amazing experimental African music so be sure to give it all a listen. South African legend MXO has returned after a hiatus with his EP Conscious Hiatus and the track "Carpe Diem" is definitely a favourite off this long-awaited release. Ghanaian record label Akwaaba Music out of Accra isn’t shy about serving up some great African house grooves - or what is dubbed “asokor” ( the name given to a fusion of house and techno that got a lot of airplay in the 90s.) This sound is exemplified in the latest release by Jowaa titled “Another Round” - just one of the many great tunes coming out of Africa and the diaspora this month.

Notable new music video releases include rapper Sho Madjozi's long awaited video for her Swahili banger Huku and Mx Blouse's Is'phukphuku featuring Thor Rixon, Jakinda and Albany Lore.


Writing and Curated Playlist: Ella G

Collage: Daisie Jo