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"In a Kinetic Mood" | A Collection by Xola Makoba

Xola Makoba is a Xhosa woman born and raised in the small town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. She is the last born of seven children, five of which are women. Coming from an artistic family, even from a small age she was encouraged to explore her creativity.

Her love for nature and the awareness of the different types of women in her life has inspired her collection with silhouettes that can compliment different body types.

"In a kinetic mood" is the designer's first collection and it was inspired by a lake in Cape Town.

"The dam is moving through colour and light. The sunlight and the shoreline allows the colours to form. The changing colours communicated the movement into something or out of something dark. The movement of colours much like in futurism and in cubism the colours have the ability to move together thus creating a mood. it is within this fascination of all that was happening and all that I was feeling within this space that ‘in a kinetic mood” was birthed. The isolation of the lake, the colours, the fact that the lake was dynamic yet so still and the atmosphere of the space that day were symbolic of the hyper-feminine and assertive feminine energy that was dominate that day and in most of my life and I wanted to celebrate that with this collection”


Collection by: Xola Makoba Models: Wanda Banda & Pautavia Photographer: Tiisesto Moreke Makeup artist: Xola Makoba

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