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"No Bad Hair" : A Visual Collaboration

"No Bad Hair" is a visual collaboration between Born Out Of Boredom founder Shakes Mbolekwana  photographer and stylist Sarah Hugo-Hamman and model and hairstylist Tatenda Wekwatenzi.

The collaboration is centred around hairstyling and grooming techniques for black women and men with natural hair.

Hairstylist Tatenda Wekwatenzi shares her hair journey, how she started doing other people's hair as well as the concept for "No Bad Hair"

"I've been doing my own hair for a really long time, however doing hair on shoots started out when I found myself going to shoots where they had make up artists and hairstylists who didn't have the right kit for my skin tone or my hair texture or they didn't know what to do with my hair. I started refusing to let anyone do my hair but myself or someone that knew how to do black hair. It progressed from me doing my own hair on set to being asked to do other people's hair. Its been a few months since I started doing other people's hair.

My hair is the way that I express myself before saying anything, its the first thing you see when you look at me and thats usually the conversation starter. The concept for this shoot was exploring hair and the politics of black hair between black women and black men and so I tried to have the hairstyles compliment each other as well as be different at the same time. I tried to do something out of the ordinary with Shakes' hair since men's hair is not explored as much as women's hair - with women you can do so many things but with men its always simpler and so I was trying to break that norm."

Credits: Photography: Sarah Hugo-Hamman Fashion Styling and Art Direction: Shakes MbolekwanaSarah Hugo-Hamman Hairstyling: Tatenda Wekwatenzi Models: Tatenda WekwatenziShakes Mbolekwana

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