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Seriti Films Presents "A Seat at The Table" | Celebrating Womanhood

With the intention to amplify the voices of women Seriti Films, a Johannesburg-based commercials production company created "A Seat at The Table".  The video tackles issues around women being objectified as inferior and on a larger scale seeks to amplify the voices of women who are marginalised.

Yolanda Hlakula, who is one of the female co-producers states, "Looking at the current social climate around issues faced by women and young girls today and social campaigns like #metoo and #timesup, we wanted to play our part in making sure that people don’t forget such narratives and the impact of such campaigns."

Co-written by two women, Hatsu Mphatsoe and Palesa Matiki, the film also seeks to give credit to those who are bold and fearless in standing up for what they believe in. 

As a female in a male-dominated industry, Hlakula shares her insight on the progress that still needs to happen across all industries "we still face many of the challenges that we have faced in the past, although there is a lot more exposure now on things that happen to women in the work place. I think this PSA sums this up nicely. Women want to be taken seriously, as seriously as men. I would not walk up to my male boss and pinch his bottom, and we expect the same treatment. Also, as woman, always trying to be taken seriously we often work much harder than men in order to have the same respect, often with less remuneration. I think it’s important for women who want to be taken seriously to behave that way, to not allow men to treat us as less, to not allow our colleagues to use things such as flirtation to get ahead, to encourage younger impressionable women to demand the same respect as men"

With a universal message, A Seat at The Table speaks to and for everyone and looks to uphold core human values of respect, kindness and love, which are our true essence.


Production House: Seriti Films Director: Paul Ramaema Producers: Yolanda Hlakula & Jhadi Quinn D.O.P: Brendan Barnes Focus Puller: The bearded pope  Studios: Panalux Gold Island studios Post House: Post modern Prost production Editor: Jade Bowyer  Sound Design: Audiophile post Title graphics: The Maze Creative

Concept contributors & writers: Hatsu Mphatsoe & Palesa Matiki  Voice Overs: Palesa Matiki; Hatsu Mphatsoe & Kwezi Moroe


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