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"Kuthathu", a Gender Fluid Collection by BLVCKELEMENT

Established in 2016, BLVCKELEMENT is a denim brand that caters to both males and females. The brand's essence is avant-garde high-end street apparel. The design philosophy embodies a love for creativity and irreverence towards established rules, and it focuses on experimenting with denim in innovative ways.

BLVCKELEMENT was founded by Sipho Allen Zwane, a visual artist hailing from Johannesburg

The latest collection is titled "Kuthathu," which means "three" in isiZulu. It is a summer/spring collection inspired by gender fluidity, aiming to create clothing that caters to more than one gender and individuals who are gender non-conforming. Each garment features two or three tones to represent the feminine, masculine, and non-binary aspects. Some of the outfits include text to provoke societal notions about gender while challenging gender boundaries, emphasizing that people have the right to express themselves however they feel.


Creative Direction: Francis Buseko

Art Direction: Sipho Allen Zwane

Makeup Artist: Hope Sine Mahlangu

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