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'Bitter Parts' by Joya Mooi | A Track About Accepting One's Imperfections

Dutch-South African singer and songwriter Joya Mooi's new single ‘Bitter Parts’ produced by Sim Fane is about learning to accept imperfection.

‘Bitter Parts’ is drenched in soul and perfectly captures her sound which draws influence from hip-hop, jazz and R&B.

Speaking on the release Joya explains: “Bitter Parts is about coming to terms with the less pleasant parts of yourself. The song plays with the denial of this, at times I ignore the 'mirror' or I suggest means to reduce the confrontation with myself. I think I’ve accepted that I’m not always going to be the perfect self for myself, but I think I can now take a closer look at the imperfections.”

Joya's music is layered with lessons. We first featured her when she debuted ‘I Can Do Better’ featuring Pink Oculus, a track tackling themes of mental health and self-care. And 'Rice in Foil' a song about longing for equality, influenced by her experiences as a kid of mixed heritage growing up in the Netherlands in the aftermath of her father's exile from South Africa.

‘Bitter Parts’ is directed by Michael Middelkoop. Elaborating on the creative direction in a statement to Clash magazine, he states; "I wanted to explore the song’s themes by creating this infinite, unavoidable reflection of Joya. An all-seeing eye in an all-seeing room, that puts all beautiful and bitter parts on full display.”

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