Tandile Mbatsha Presents “THE SOLO BALL” for #vNAF2020 | Celebrating Pride Month

Tandile Mbatsha is a performance artist and choreographic activist from Langa, Cape Town. They are known for their use of performance art to advance critical issues around the LGBTIQ community.

Tandile was selected for this year’s virtual National Arts Festival set to take place between the 25th and the 5th of July 2020. They will be premiering a short film titled The Solo Ball as well as a live stream ball on Zoom and their YouTube channel (Tandile Mbatsha) in partnership with Vogue Nights Jozi.

The documentary is a collection of work that follows four black queer artists who were selected to interpret the conceptual seed statement of ‘Intyatyambo Iyaphuma Engxondorheni’. They include, Angel-Ho, Kgotlelelo Bradley Sekiti, Mmatumisang Motsisi and Ayanda Maphosa.

Tandile’s activism work has always been tied with their creative and professional careers. This body of work is one of the examples that Tandile is striving to advocate for the rights and representation of the LGBTIQ community. The work also seeks to commemorate and honor those the community has lost through hate crime and homophobia such as the late Kirvan Fortuin who was a fierce advocate for the community through their work.

The phrase “Intyantyambo Iyaphuma Engxondorheni” can be translated to describe a metaphor for a flower blooming on infertile land That is the mantra they hold as a method of perceiving the questions, how are LGBTIQ people emerging from the margins and rules of society? How do queer people conceive joy in a society plagued with hate crimes? How do young LGBTIQ bodies self-actualise?

Photography and DOP: @elijahndoumbe

Assistant to DOP and Set Technician: @baz_bailey

Creative Director: @zimasile_

Music: @desiremarea