The Photobooth Party: Capturing The Beauty of Joburg's Youth

The Photobooth Party came back with a bang on Saturday the 7th of March 2020 at Dassler’s Braamfontein with yet another exciting event, featuring one of the nation’s most loved photographers; Austin Malema. The Photobooth Party, which was founded by Lebo Mashigo, is an experiential social event and collaborates with some of Johannesburg's most exciting and loved photographers, the likes of Anthony Bila, Kgomotso Neto, and Chisanga Mubanga.

Attendees are offered a unique and unforgettable socializing experience which allows them to have their portrait taken by one of their favs. This is all done over drinks and well-curated music by some of Johannesburg’s finest DJs.

The Photobooth Party which was established in 2018 at 27 Boxes, Melville Johannesburg, was inspired by the idea of bringing youthful and urban creatives into a well-curated space. The event has been designed in such a way that attendees would not only get to mingle and dance with like-minded people but would also have the opportunity to have their very own professional photoshoot taken by some of the top Johannesburg photographers.

For the Blue Edition of the Photobooth Party, the team collaborated the with the much loved Photographer Austin Malema who has taken images of well-known local and international stars. He has become a go-to photographer within the creative industry with a personality to match, making the experience of meeting him and having him take your image an unforgettable one. The event goes beyond photography and the picked colour theme and attendees enjoy meeting and engaging with the photographer of the day. Asking them any questions that they may have kept for that very moment.

If you are interested in the April Edition of the Photobooth Party, keep a lookout for details on social media!

Photography: Austin Malema

Writing: Lebo Mashigo