Unlabelled is a project based platform. We create project based stories periodically. We feature and highlight BIPOC voices through impactful storytelling, particularly those of women and focus on themes such as identity, culture, spirituality and creative industries. 

Thato Ramaisa on Exploring Queer Narratives as Unapologetic Self-Expression.

Thato Ramaisa is an artist popularly known as Fela Gucci of music and performance-art duo FAKA. He has expanded his creative practice to include photography.

'Young Emerging BIPOC Women Photographers You Should Know' - An insightful list of women photographers from Africa and the diaspora to watch. Created as a means to increase visibility for women photographers of colour. See Part II here

Original visual stories produced with creators in collaboration with Unlabelled founder Phendu Kuta as a creative director, producer, stylist, model, writer or combinations of the above or all the above.