Unlabelled is a project based platform. We create and collaborate on project based stories periodically. We feature and highlight BIPOC voices through impactful storytelling, particularly those of women and focus on themes such as identity, culture and creative industries. 


Daybreak is Near is a love letter to a city that has been a historical center of African power. It explores the idea of what it means to live in an ever modernizing urban space, how we as citizens are able to reclaim and re-experience the history of our cities


"Remembrance of Our Divinity" seeks to highlight that when we love ourselves and choose to live in our light, a process of change is created from within and can be shared with others. This body of work serves as a piece of light for all


"Hair Braiding and Styling: Creating a Sense of Community, Agency and Expression" - In Oshindonga, a Bantu language spoken in Namibia, ‘panda’ (braid) or ‘okupanda (to braid) also means ‘to be happy’.