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Unlabelled Magazine is a multi-faceted platform founded in South Africa, sharing African stories through high-quality content.

The publication was motivated by the necessity to document contemporary African culture and identity, its place in the present, and its evolution, as an archive for future generations. Unlabelled influences people of African descent to embrace their identity whilst giving a new perspective on what it means to be young in Africa and the diaspora. The platform connects to an extensive multicultural audience through authenticity and thought-provoking content.


Phendu Kuta is a cultural producer, curator, journalist, speaker, and the founder of Unlabelled Magazine. As a cultural producer and curator, she highlights compelling visual stories that showcase African culture and creativity.

As a journalist, she has written for diverse publications, contributing to documenting South African creative industries. She is a thought leader who has shared insights on the arts and youth sectors at events by local and global platforms and has collaborated with local and international brands. She uses her voice to engage in current social topics, merging her insights and growing perspective.





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