The Founder:

Phendu Kuta is a writer and speaker, founder and creative director of Unlabelled. 

She has been a speaker at various events in the arts and youth sectors by local and global platforms. She is a thought leader who has worked with several local and international brands.

In establishing the magazine she has watched, analysed and written about youth culture and fashion for years and has gained insights into South African youth culture and identity.

Having grown up in different parts of Johannesburg and experienced diverse parts of South Africa, her colourful upbringing has allowed her extensive view of diverse communities. Amongst her various media features, Phendu has been identified as one of the 50 Black African female entrepreneurs to watch by Entrepreneur magazine (2019) and was also a participant of International Colloquium "Culture for the Future" an initiative by the European Commission. She uses her voice to address social challenges merging her insights and growing perspective.

Unlabelled is a multi-faceted platform that is at the leading edge of African youth narratives, sharing stories through high quality content. ​

The publication shares insights on youth in Africa and the Diaspora through impactful storytelling. We strive to influence African youth to embrace their identity whilst giving a new perspective on what it means to be young in Africa and the Diaspora. ​

We highlight marginal voices, particularly those of women and the LGBTQ+ community and focus on themes such as identity, heritage and creative industries. We connect to an extensive multicultural audience through innovation and authenticity in thought provoking articles that explore current social issues.​​





We connect brands and the youth market through our consumer insights and the services we offer. We offer Research and Consulting as well as Concept Development, Creative Direction, Production, Copy Writing, Art Direction, Photography, Styling, and Character Selection, etc. for innovative and engaging campaigns. 

We have partnered with local and international brands including the ones listed above, Phendu Kuta has also worked with Dark and Lovely and as a micro-influencer she has worked with Lancome, Woolworths, L'Oreal and Mobicel etc.