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A Fashion Remix of Strongbow's #NatureRemix

After a global re-brand Strongbow launched in South Africa a few months ago as an entirely new brand with a new logo, new packaging and a new brand line, "Nature Remix".

Set in Maboneng, a vibrant cultural hub and urban jungle in inner city Joburg, we capture new generation women who gravitate towards spaces with repurposed furniture or furniture from recycled goods because that is nature preservation remixed in a fresh way.

Dressed in bright colours in bright spaces to fuse with the key Strongbow Apple Cider colours, Red, Honey and Gold and in 1960's inspired fashion to tie in seamlessly with the year Strongbow was established, 1962, we captured the brand through a fashion lens.

Be sure to check out Strongbow's social media accounts Instagram and Facebook.


Photography: Anthony Bila

Production and writing: Phendu Kuta

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