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FAKA | Exploring Our Identities Through Performance

Performance art duo FAKA is comprised of Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The two work together to create performances that challenge the narrow gender constructs of the South African society as well as explore the complex identities of being black and queer.

What Faka is all about, how would you explain your form of art?

FAKA is an art duo between Fela Gucci and Desire Marea, exploring our complex identities through performance. It is also an archival project documenting young black queer artists who we think from our experience do not relish in the exposure and recognition they deserve for being visible as who they believe themselves to be during these times. We use performance as a medium to manifest the realities that we desire for the black queer South African.

Do you believe that queer individuals have a voice in South Africa?

We feel that there is a lack of a wide and true representation of queer voices in popular media. Our voices are never given the platform to be expressed by us hence we've taken it upon ourselves to do this. We are not willing to Wait for Lorraine

Which has been your most controversial work of art and why do you believe so?

People always equate honesty with controversy though, like the time the minister of arts couldn't deal with Zanele's Muholi's documentative images of her menstrual cycle. Disregarding the form of empowerment and humanization of this process for women and especially for "butch" lesbian women who many believe as a prodigal idea of masculinity. Some of our work spawn titles like "Siyaka" and "Umdidi", words often perceived as vile but we believe are honest and humanizing ways to explore our sexual experiences as black queer South Africans

Do you think that there are certain misconceptions of young black queers?

Yes, we are always being "processed" through a patriarchal/heteronormative gaze… but WaitLorraine! our existence belongs to us. Siyakaka!

Looking at South Africa today and our society as a whole, which other themes do you believe you could address in your work?

We feel that we are already expressing what is our South African experience and that is enough for us

What do you hope to achieve with Faka in the next 3 years?

To grow FAKA into a house of love

Photography: Khongi Sono

Art Direction: Bambatha Jones and Size Mbiza

Interview: Lebo Mashigo

Make-up: Fungile Moetanalo

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