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The Hair Story

Nowadays hair isn’t just about outward appearance, it has become a contentious political subject embodying ideologies that raise questions around freedom of choice, the definition of beauty and personal expression. Here a few individuals share how their hair is a form of self-expression

Keneilwe Mothoa

“I like to have an edgy feel to my style, fashion and hair.”


“I just wanted a different feel and I dont want to do weaves. I just wanted braids and to grow my hair naturally. I’m trying to go all-natural.”

DJ Doowap

“My hair changes according to whatever hair colour I find.”


“I’ve always liked dreads. They’re a little bit difficult to maintain, because I do them with a crochet technique, So it;s quite painful...... I do the crochet every once in a while.”


“I really enjoy bright turbans, that’ s why I’ m wearing one today, and I like braids that look natural, so I braided my hair with extensions; extensions that kinda look like dreadlocks. I thought that the red lipstick made the turban pop. I have one earring because I like symbolism of the afro-comb.”

Nokuthula Masilela

“I enjoy standing out and this hairstyle feels unique.”

Xholile Mvulana

“I’ve been growing my dreadlocks for 12 years now. I’m just proud to be African. I just try to keep an African look.”

Phendu Kuta

“I like to try different hairstyles. It’s all about change for me.”


“Colour inspired my hairstyle. I’m a fan of colour, I believe that everything has its own signature colour or energy, so I want to portray my energy through my hair. I’ve had my dreadlocks for fifteen years now. Now they are a huge part of who I am. I feel like I have some kind of magical powers in them.”

Creative Direction: Phendu Kuta

Photography: Obakeng Molepe

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