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MARIANNE FASSLER S/S16 - Where have all the flowers gone?

The MARIANNE FASSLER SS16/17 range is a reaction to the current zeitgeist. It explores border crossing and migration, globalization and disenfranchisement. The range also crosses inter disciplinary borders, where design and craft meets art.

In the collection, vintage military clothing (a recurring theme in Fassler’s work), playfully interact with prints reminiscent of paper cut outs and collage, a naïve escape from the harsh realities. The design team at Leopard Frock originated most of these prints. The disruption of print, texture and silhouette is always present in the signature Leopard Frock garments, but this year it is more emphasized, somehow not making sense, yet always relevant and current.

The idea of Border Crossing is explored in a collaboration with MARIGOLD beads and was launched at the FNB Jhb Art Fair. This collaboration is inspired by Burundi artist, Serge Alain Nitegeka, whose powerful work deals with the same topics of border crossing, migration and disenfranchisement.


Photographer: Paul Samuels

Stylist: Rich Fumani

Leopardfrock team and assistants

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