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This shoot was inspired by the lost city of Atlantis, an ancient city which was once a far superior civilization both technologically and spiritually, but because of hubris found itself destroyed by the ocean and relegated into myth by history.

The shoot is a homage to the souls who wander our ocean eternally, and although dead, live on through our imagination.

Shot by Haneem Christian, a bright and upcoming light in the South African creative landscape.

As a young creative director, she set her sights on the South African creative space in 2015, and after working closely with her brother Imraan on several projects, including Nike Golf global and Adidas EQT in Johannesburg, burst onto the scene as an independent photographer with her work from Adidas Area3 '17 Cape Town creating ripples through the creative landscape with her honest work and poignant visuals. With her first projects already influencing the creative culture in the country, many are eagerly awaiting her journey to unfold.

This is the first installment of the "We Gon' Live Forever" collection which will be accompanied by two other full collections.

DEAD. does not create according to seasons but emotions & what matters at that present time so this isn't a winter collection but the entry that will build into something else.

All items will be available at DEAD. Hotela Mamelodi, Pretoria and will be online on on 21st September 2017.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Haneem Christian

ASSISTANT: Waseem Noordien

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