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Bheki 'Wonderboy' Mthembu Advancing Durban Street Kulture

Bheki "Wonderboy" Mthembu is a 24 year old street-style, art and portraiture photographer based between Durban and Stanger. Mthembu, also recognised for his personal style, describes it as "Trendy Street Style" and loves keeping up with the latest fashion but by his own terms and never wears something that's " in" if it doesn't suit him.

When describing Durban street fashion and culture, Mthembu likes to refer to it as "Kulture", which is slowly growing but still needs a lot to be done. "We're playing catch up to the other major cities. We've got the potential to be pioneers, we just need people to step out of their comfort zones and be more open minded in terms of style. What we're currently lacking is a space where creatives can meet, interact, exchange ideas and collaborate."

Mthembu's journey into photography was through a friend. Two years ago, he would borrow his friend's DSLR and play around with it from time to time, eventually people showed interest in his work, so he continued.

On the subjects in his photography, Mthembu says, "I focus on everyday, beautiful people. I don't neccesarily look for a certain aesthetic."


Photography: Lonwabo Zimela

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