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Unlabelled for Superbalist | Fitspo Onthatile Morake

Onthatile Morake, a 20-something project manager, is trailblazing the advertising industry at creative agency, Andpeople, and finds that putting time aside for fitness makes everything else in her life fall into place.

For most of us, keeping fit seems to require effort, especially when you're still putting in the work trying to establish your career. Ontha's journey began after she left university where, yearning for a healthier lifestyle, she decided to sculpt a positive body image that debunked all the childhood insecurities heightened by peer pressure.

"The moment I realised I wanted to transform my body was the moment I realised this was about more than just losing weight – it was also about changing my mind and my motivation. Changing my life physically and mentally," she says.

Ontha leads a busy life and while her job is demanding of her time, she says that planning ahead keeps her fitness routine intact.

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Photography: Anthony Bila

Article: Sinalo Mkaza

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