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Beautiful, Peaceful Day, A Langa Canvas

In art a canvas is a blank hardened cloth which acts as a surface for painting or photographic printing. It can also be a metaphor for any surface or space that an artist chooses to manifest. The artist is always at liberty regarding what to depict within their canvas.

Using Langa township as our canvas, we were attempting to re-appropriate, re-imagine, reclaim and celebrate the township space. It is a significant part of our heritage and history aside its historical context. As we have come to acknowledge, it is filled with crime, poverty, gender inequality, tribalism, hate speech etc. Apart from all the negative connotations, we were trying to capture ad highlight the peace and the beauty of our humanity and using fashion as our vessel. Hopefully ignite positivity and hope to people from the township. There is hope.


Creative Direction: Luxolo Witvoet Model: Okechu Ojukwu Styling: Tandekile Mkize Art Direction: Luxolo Witvoet & Tandekile Mkize Wadrobe: Imprint ZA Photography: Luxolo Witvoet Photography & Lighting Assistant: Khumbulani Gobingca Location: Langa township

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