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There are people who go against the grain and express their creativity authentically, they are the fearless ones, the influencers, the ones who dont believe in sameness. These are young people who against all odds create something that they believe in.

We compiled a list of 8 different creatives who are influencing the Joburg street fashion scene in their own distinctive way. These are the young up and coming creatives on our radar for 2016.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm an unusual woman. Really; I think it's very difficult to accurately describe me. But I'll tell you this, I have a hardcore self-belief that is so completely infectious you'll want to inhale it for yourself.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it? My style is a bit of everything. I dress according to my mood. What inspires my style are sixties and seventies pieces. They are always going to be cool because they nailed it then.

What would you say is your contribution Joburg street fashion and how would you further like to see to the culture evolve? I would like to see street culture not following trends. Street culture that is unapologetic. I mean I might be inadvertently trend-led but lets have more individuals creating new street culture trends rather than following them. I would be very sad if the whole world looked the same.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

We are Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma. We are a performance art duo called FAKA, our work deals with the representation and politics of the black queer body. We also document young black queer artists whose voices are not always given the credibility we feel they deserve.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it?

Our style is a protest. We are inspired by the intricacies woven into our black experience. Clothes have always had a spiritual impact on us and that's because fashion is one of the first ways we learnt to connect with and express our identities.

What would you say is your contribution Joburg street fashion and how would you further like to see to the culture evolve?

We would like to see the culture evolve beyond labels like that. It's time for the subject to be regarded with the same kind of specificity that the context is given when coining a term like street fashion. We are actually individuals who are very invested in our representation and a lazy umbrella term like street fashion wipes that element out completely, along with the nuances that will help the “movement” evolve.

DJ Doowap

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Im a soulful bass driven DJ based in Jozi. I handle the Hot99 Dubstep chart show every Wednesday on YFM and spend the rest of the days of the week DJ'n and performing at live gigs around world, creating eccentric hairstyles and collaborating with influential brands to inspire.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it?

My style is inspired by the year 1995, with high waisted bottoms, crop tops, small framed shades, killer sneakers and hella colour.


What would you say is your contribution Joburg street fashion and how would you further like to see to the culture evolve ?

My contribution is giving people, notably the youth, the confidence to wear their crown (their hair) any style or colour they want as well as their own personal fashion sense. I encourage individuality by striving to be unapologetically happy in my own way of being and dressing. I would like to think I started the trend of wearing colourful hair and braids with pride; giving a modern colourful twist to authentic african hairstyles is something I pride myself with.

The way I would like our culture to evolve is in the only way it embracing ourselves and our raw talent without caparison to other countries.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I put the mental into experimental, and in the process creating disruption, chaos and ultimately a dialogue through my work as a Conceptual Fashion Designer and by the expression of my personal and ever evolving personal style. I feel the duty to push people out of their comfort zones and engaging with the avant-grade whether it occurs on the runway or the streets.

How would you describe your work?

Disturbing to the comfortable and comforting to the disturbed!

What is your take on Joburg street culture and how would you like you see it evolve?

It is nothing short of magical to see the progressive and eccentric nature of Johannesburg street culture which cultivates creative pioneers and artistic innovators. The appreciation and further celebration of individualism, eccentricity and risk takers is inspiring and beautiful. I would be beyond thrilled to see this street culture evolve and manifest into a fluid and unapologetic space where people can look beyond the obvious for inspiration and ultimately rebel aggressively against mediocrity and conservatism.

Tell us about yourself and how you got started in music?

I use music as an art form to express how I feel. Most of my work is introspective and personal although I've also branched out to explore more socially relevant content. I only got serious about music after my mother passed away and I needed a way to get things off my chest, the result was my first EP 'Eternal Sentiment'.

What is the one project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?

I once had a girl tell me that my sound and also my lyrics moved her in a way. That's crazy to me because most of my stuff is personal, but its also been a goal of mine to have at least one person relate somehow to my experiences, if they can take something away from what I'm doing then I'm more than happy.

How would you describe your fashion and style and what inspires it?

I don't really focus too much on fashion, I mostly dress according to my mood and certain designs. I'm not really brand driven, I like to wear any particular garment or shoe that I like, so I think that when it comes to my style, I'm definitely inspired by how I'm feeling and how I want to feel. It comes through in the colours and designs that I wear.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have many talents, but I don't work as hard as I'd like. Im always working on improving that.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it?

Style and comfort inspire me and what I wear. Modular functionality brands like ACG, Acronym and Nike really inspire me. By incorporating innovate textile production with functional garment design they have really changed the way clothes are made, what they're made from and the reason for being made.

Clever fabrics, maximum garment usability, thats the future for me. Aesthetically Afro-Futurism, traditional African and Eastern garments. Sportswear i.e: football kits, hiking gear inspire me as well.

What would you say is your contribution Joburg street fashion and how would you further like to see to the culture evolve?

The only thing I contribute to style is having it. Anyone who has style contributes to it because they're combining their vibe to whats already out there. Very little is original in 2016 ( or whatever aeon we live in moving into the 21st century and beyond), so being "original" is a bit of a style myth, but what you can be is yourself and thats the best thing you can ever be. I really enjoy the self-expression from black youth. All I'd like to see is more people being themselves cause they're dope too.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Floyd Morapedi Manotoana, I was born and bred in Soweto.

I have my own fashion label called Floyd Avenue and have showcased at Soweto Fashion Week for 4 seasons now . I have styled for Rolling Stone South Africa covers featuring the following artists Spoek Mathambo, Philip Tabane, Nakhane Toure and Cama Gwini. I have been featured on the following platforms; the Mail and Guardian newspaper, KIEM Media in Amsterdam (a documentary) and Heneiken in the Netherlands featured me on 20 Aspirational People to Watch Around the World.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it? 

My style is borrowed from the stories I tell through the stories I create which are reflective of my interactions with the many people Im exposed to; multi-layered in the cross pollination of cultures shared spaces through digital media and the vibrancy of Soweto.

What would you say is your contribution to Joburg street fashion and how would you like to see the culture evolve?

Individuality is trending right now, as a fashion designer I use my references to inspire impeccably tailored pieces that rise above trends and thats what people are gravitating towards.

I would like to see more people consuming South African products so we can have the resources to create better products and people can can get paid for being brilliant!

What can you tell us about your online store RHTC?

RHTC, An acronym for Returning Home To Create, informs what we are about, our business and artistic direction. We are primarily an online store that distributes local street wear brands. We have however expanded our artistic offerings through projects such as Letsplayoutside workshops that were aimed to our core teen market that aspired to create, we then followed by producing an advert with our customers and our recent project has given us an opportunity to work closely with Okmalumkoolkat on the 100K Macassette mixtape merchandise manufacturing and distribution management.

One of our most exciting recent projects is a concept mobile stall that we will be using on our Letsplayoutside festive tour.

What sets your store apart from other stores, both online and physical?

The aim for us is to artistically translate our society through various products, concepts and offerings. So as stated on the first question's answer, we've went from distribution to creating platforms where information is shared to producing adverts then manufacturing, visual and distribution management and now mobile retail space designing, So we really ain't bullshitting when we say " We sell culture " .

How would you describe your relationship with Joburg street fashion?

We believe that street fashion is a lot of people's daily form of expression which informed the decision to distribute streetwear and as a viable business to create. Its no secret that Joburg is somewhat of an African capital for street fashion and we believe that the heart of that pioneering power lies with those who participate by striving to create and not merely consuming fashion, so by virtue of us "Returning Home To Create" we believe that we are cut from the same fabric as those who pioneer Joburg street fashion.


Interview: Ongezwa Fuzile

Concept: Phendu Kuta

Photography: The Uncultured Club - Anthony Bila, Chisanga Mubanga, Nicholas Rawhani


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