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"Keyboard Activism isn't the Only Activism" - Lady Skollie

Laura Windvogel known by the pseudonym Lady Skollie and recently referred to as Kaapstad Kanye by Mail and Guardian is a visual artist whose work and persona is unafraid of pushing boundaries.

She is known for her explicit artwork with the main themes being gender, sex and sexuality, though sometimes her work might be misconstrued for mainly promoting sex and sexuality, she is resolute that it doesn't just promote those notions; it promotes sex and body positivity as well as assists young women in making decisions that help them prioritize their own well-being and success.

On the significance of her work she says, "I think my work promotes a brashness that everyone might feel inside but does not always engage with."

She is quite candid, provocative and opinionated on social media, one would wonder if this is all part of her brand. She confirms that indeed "expressing those opinions is a part of the Lady Skollie brand. We all can be opinionated but I want - through my own brashness - to inspire others to be as vocal, not only in the social media realm, but in life overall. Keyboard activism isn't the only activism. "

I ask her about her well-received yet controversial artwork #Sorrynotsorry that was addressing musician Okmalumkoolkat's letter after his arrest for sexual assault, curious to know whether she considers herself an advocate for young women in general or whether she felt particularly affected by this one incident. She says, “I was affected by the deafening silence from industry stalwarts. How sexual misdemeanours are normalized. I see myself as someone with a mouth so big it can get me in trouble, but speaking out and asking very important questions is something I'll get myself into trouble for.”

Whether she ruffles some feathers from time to time or says something some people want to say but are afraid to say, one cant deny Lady Skollie's artistry and her growing brand.

Catch Lady Skollie's next exhibition at Stevenson Gallery on the 21st of April. This is a group exhibition titled SEX where she will be exhibiting alongside artists FAKA and Steven Cohen to name a few.

Hottentot Skollie (2016)


Photography: Neil Roberts

Article: Phendu Kuta

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