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The Voyage | A Photo Story Set in Botswana

Photographer Oh so Van and model/writer Amantle Moreetsi bring you The Voyage a photo story set in Botswana, that questions black progression post colonisation by using transportation to play on the contrasts of moving and standing still.

"Are you awakened to the extent of your assumed freedom? In light of the jubilees within our land, I took time to reflect on the road travelled by those before us and the milestones achieved in reaching this current state. The state in which we are expected to feel indebtedness and pride, and ululate loudly to these privileges we are granted of basic human needs.

They say, we are the lucky ones, not by virtue of our individual achievements, ambitions and talents but rather by virtue of being born into a post-colonial era. Yet, here I am questioning my freedom, is it really freedom if our African pro-black plea is considered to be a rebellion, to what extent is this freedom that comes with limitations and an expectation to conform to norms that do not favour this blackness?"

"We have long dwelled in and cried loudly about what the world stole from us way before the birth of our generation. The result of our tears and pleas did not bring forth reparations nor did they bring us fairer treatment. So it is within this realisation that we must choose to be the rescuers of ourselves.

Our story is only just beginning, let’s voyage into self-preservation. The journey into a personal renaissance that is more than just a movement but henceforth with the aim to build a legacy that restores the black men back to himself. So he can stand firm and proclaim this blackness with vigour even within the daunting reality of the black men within this Eurocentric system. We have granted ourselves the freedom to begin this journey here, with ourselves, within the embrace of this skin. To reclaim the land, to reclaim our children, to reclaim our history, our culture, to reclaim our blackness." - Amantle Moreetsi


Photography: Oh so Van

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