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‘Nothing looks as good as Fassler feels’

- Anita Mapoine Makgetla

she stands with her feet shoulder width apart

back arched, she feels

just like her mother taught her, contours

rounded and fruitful, glacé black cherry lips

she is an unconventional use of colour

but beautiful she was holding a bunch of lotus flowers

blooming in voluminous silk, pure is every

caress, tangible touch, enigmatic gesture and gripping glance

her body holds an abundance of secrets

subdued by no man, but indeed she loves

from her inner chamber there are no forbidden spaces

in every curve of her character, her beguiling banter,

the lift of her arms, the flaunt of her breasts,

she holds the artistry of a woman

she is as she stands, she is as she feels

she is nobody but herself.


Photography: Zander Opperman

Model/ Muse: Laura Windvogel

CD and Styling: Lezanne Viviers

Assistant Stylist: Daisie-Jo Grobler

Hair & MUA: Tyron Sweeney

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