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"FRO REAL" | Inspired by Blaxploitation and Girl Power

Montreal based dancer, stylist and creative director Leah 'McFly' McKesey presents this vintage Soul, Funk and and girl power shoot inspired by blaxploitation movies such as Foxy Brown, Shaft, Cleopatra etc.

"The shoot is about showcasing natural hair, being proud and unapologetic of who we are through our roots dating back to Egyptian times, still giving that funkadelic, Astro galaxy 1970's feel. Displaying the look of the past with a feel of the new era. Shoot is styled in mostly vintage with some high end vintage brands along with designs from Pattern Nation. Staying true to ourselves always keeping it real inspires the name FRO REAL."

The shoot is modelled by Gloria Rome Asse, Keisha Lamptey and Leah 'McFly' who all know each other through the dance world.

"We decided to come together to do a shoot celebrating our history and natural hair. We are presenting this vintage style, to inspire people to embrace this style of fashion and embrace the true beauty of who they really are."

Leah 'McFly' owns a dance company with her brother called 2 Marvelous, they have opened for artist like Kaytranada. Mobb Depp, NERD to name a few. She also lends her talents to various projects aimed at spreading the love of Hip Hop, as well as founding one of Montreal’s premiere 90’s parties, “Chocolate Jungle” along with many other types of events throughout the world, not just her city. She combines her talents, styling and dancing for fashion weeks around the world, working with designer's such as; Vivienne Westwood, Karl Langerfield, Colette and Jeremy Scott.

Keisha Lourdes is an actor, dancer, model and editor. Her presence has been felt on stages in Toronto, Ottawa, Orlando, Miami and her home town of Montreal.

Gloria Assé is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. Her areas of focus include hip hop dance, art direction, and graphic design. Gloria finds herself to be inspired by her street dance and art community, taking inspiration from the various art forms and expressions around her on the daily.


Concept and Styling: Leah Mcfly

Photography by: Aisha Keita

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