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Orange Culture Presents A/W 18 Collection “Raindrops and Tears”

Orange Culture Presents It's Autumn Winter 2018 “Raindrops and Tears”, exploring the rain and its relationship to humanity.

Excerpts from conversations with Creative Director ADEBAYO.

"The beautiful release you get when you allow your problems flow from your eyes."

"As a child I'd sit by the window and stare at the raindrops fall from the sky, it always felt so surreal to me. It always made me feel like it was here to wash things away... and by standing under it I'd feel a sense of freedom, newness or liberty."

"I can't cry for some reason, cause growing up I would get told off by teachers if I cried. MEN DON'T CRY! Suck it up and be a man. So I thought by not crying, I was strong, I could finally fit in with the GUYS! I wouldn't be such a sore thumb, after all"

"Not being able to cry, at least sometimes damages you, you hold things inside and the day you finally get to cry, it's for the most ridiculous of reasons and you feel guilty about it."

"I look out at the clouds constantly tearing up. If God didn't want us to cry once in a while, why would the clouds cry sometimes. Even the clouds need to cry."

"So every-time I see the rain now, I remember it's okay to cry sometimes, allow nature to take its course, be vulnerable and be as beautiful as the clouds! Even the clouds cry seasonally"


We played with super soft to seemingly hard fabrication. Showing the struggle betweenvulnerability and caged emotionalism. Cottons, Velvets , Satins , Wools and Leathers are thefabrics that empower the collection and help us tell our story. With our custom made prints inspired by Lagos Chaos in the rain and custom rain/sunlight Button Detailing.


Bags/ Shoes are made in collaboration APAART AfricaGreen Shoes Made by MEZZILEROYJewelry made in collaboration with PICHULIK AfricaFurniture/Props by AGA CONCEPT


Photography: Daniel Obasi

Make Up: Uche

Creative Direction - Team Orange Culture

Lights and logistics - Ofure

Chairs - Aga Concept

Models - Davou - @fowlermodels

Michael - @fowlermodels

Jude - @mybookermodel

Dave - @fusemanagement

Samiko - @fusemanagement

Modupe - @fewmodels

Sukanmi - @fusemanagement

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