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BLOOM | A Photo Series Inspiring People Of Colour to Choose to Bloom

The photo series is aimed to inspire people of colour to choose to bloom, despite all odds.

I find it incredible that flowers are able to grow through concrete. Somehow they find a crack to make their way out and grow and expand, sharing their beauty with the world. At times we find ourselves in situations where we feel as though there’s no escaping the darkness but there’s always a way out and it starts with a shift in our mind set. Hope is what keeps our dreams alive and uplifts our spirits. Bloom portrays a transitional dance of new growth, new life and a celebration of slipping away from the darkness and allowing the light to pour in so that we can grow and expand and share our beauty with the world.

This photo series is created by Tandekile Mkize a freelance stylist, content producer and model based in Cape Town who also runs a blog called In the Land of Thug Alchemy and 23-year-old film graduate Luxolo Witvoet who's a self-proclaimed film historian and film buff and all-round creative working in the mediums of photography, film, painting and music.


Concept & Styling: Tandekile Mkize Photography: Tandekile Mkize & Luxolo Witvoet Models: Khumbulani Gobingca & Mbali Mbalu Wardrobe: Unknown Union, Pichulik & W35t

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