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Musician and Artist BŪJIN Presents 'NEGRAAAH' plus Visual Collaboration

BŪJIN is a South African born musician, selector, performer - and local sonic producer/researcher creating sounds under the same moniker. She has a sound that involves playing with memories through performance in live sets and curating sonically textured experiences in her music with anything from soft tropical flavours and classical violin to broken beats and vocal glitch dub. Her sonic selections are a journey from live experiments, strings, future-synth, breaks and beat instrumentals for the soul.

When she's not otherwise being a sharp-tongued lyricist, she is dedicated through her sound, to incubating thoughtful sonic production and disrupting mainstream dominated imaginings of music-making, documentation and performance through the stage & the dance floor.

NEGRAAAH volumes:

This specific mix series are two volumes from the sound project titled 'NEGRAAAH', which Būjin has been collating as a regular release. 'NEGRAAAH' involves incubating free spaces of music involving methods of story telling through sound, via the internet infrastructure - using old and new sonic identities prominent in the concept of 'a curated mix'. However, with an intentional focus on developing a language of 'future-joy sonics' that also speaks to the complexities of existing in instantly gratifying internet consumer culture.

The 'NEGRAAAH' volumes is a project intended to engage audiences in more thoughtful ways of listening and consuming sound in the age of digital posterity, and producing accessible sound outputs outside of the mainstream - using our senses and ability to identify with story telling as a site for this.

The visual collaboration is with photographer Gabriella Achadinha and stylist Erin Simon.

Gabriella Achadinha's work attempts to capture human emotion in urbanscapes / landscapes. Her subject matter consists mainly of female figures (whether in a formal posed setting or street photography candids), travel, portraiture and the small details in the everyday life. Gabriella works in the mediums of photography, film production and commercial wardrobe styling.

Erin Simons is an up and coming creative focusing on gender identity and race along with growth and self expression. Erin uses her work to learn more about herself and the space millennials occupy through different mediums like styling, creative direction and collaging.


Photographer: Gabriella Achadinha

Stylist: Erin Simon

Musician | Pictured : Būjin

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