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Efflorescence in the Cape Flats

Conceiving visual stories within the Cape Flats has always been a deeply personal concept. Media coverage of what has been happening in our Cape Flats region for an extended period has been nothing short of inadequate. With all that has been occurring in our streets, including gang violence, murders, and crime, to name a few, I felt that now more than ever, we should raise awareness for our communities and also showcase the inherent beauty within the neighborhoods.

This is my vision of who we, as coloured people, are and what we can become. It's my way of showing that where we come from is certainly not where we are going.

The concept emerged in the midst of all the violence and crime on the Cape Flats. I chose the title to immediately convey a strong message about my intentions: to showcase the flowers that bloom in the concrete and the creation of high-quality art produced and executed in the Cape Flats. I selected Manenberg as my location, as it is often seen as the "face" of the Cape Flats by the media and those who are not familiar with or active in these areas. Manenberg has received a lot of attention due to gangsterism and crime. However, the Cape Flats is much more than just Manenberg; it comprises various communities, and I intend to create visual stories in all the surrounding Cape Flats areas.

I aimed to create a visual story that radiates a positive light on the area and its people, representing hope and courage within our affected communities. I see this project as a means to provide the youth with a relatable source of hope and encouragement, as the entire team, including myself, resides in different regions of the Cape Flats. Through this visual story, I hope to make an impact and dispel the negative stigma associated with the Cape Flats, allowing people of various cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to see it for what it truly is: a raw diamond in a forgotten land.


Photographer: Ethan Decock Creative Director: Ya'eesh Dollie Styling: Ya'eesh Dollie Assistant Stylists:Tasshreeq Abdullatief and Junaid Mustapha Models: Ya'eesh Dollie and Usamah Ryklief


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