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Stacey-Lee May is Defying The Odds | Unlabelled x Lure

Unlabelled and Lure first profiled 23-year-old spinner Stacey-Lee May in February 2017, at a time when she and her family were struggling to fund her spinning career, since then she has secured endorsements with several sports brands, has appeared in adverts, music videos and has a TV show on the horizon. 

She joined spinning due to her dad trying to boost her self esteem, sharing how her self-esteem has evolved, she says, "when I was in school and even before I started spinning I was afraid of speaking in front of people, especially large crowds and since I've been spinning I am now able to raise my voice and share my story with everybody all across the world. I do motivational speeches for kids at schools. And I think that shows how much my self-esteem has grown because I am more confident, I am not afraid to speak up for myself." 

Detailing how she has grown over the years, she says, "right now I am not afraid of any challenges that come my way. As a spinner I've grown to love the sport even more than before because everyday I am learning new tricks. I am confident in saying that as a spinner and stunt driver I can do anything." 

Although Stacey is gaining a lot of success through spinning and drifiting, she understands the value of education, since she is still pursuing a Law Degree, she shares that in her family they believe that there is a time for everything. "When it is time for my examination we don't focus on spinning, we believe that education is key when all else fails you, you will always have your education."

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