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FLOW | A Meditative Fashion Story

Flow, a meditation on making, is an invitation for quiet reflection in globally turbulent times. The omnipresence of the ocean and its waves, wind and current offer a cleansing of sorts - a washing away: stillness, brought to life. Collins stands alone - a figure wreathed in tulle amidst this rocky beach landscape, exploring his own form through movement and flow. These images and short film are the direct extension of that flow, brought to visual life.

FLOW is a collaboration between photographer Elijah Ndoumbé, cinematographer Jason Prins, stylist Donna-Lee, makeup artist Justine Alexander, model Collins Blaise, and composer Luis Trujillo.

Flow in the creation process:

Jason: I’ve always been stimulated by a more meditative process of working with sound and visuals. With this project, we fed off each other’s energies in the most relaxed environment. There was no pressure to do anything when it came to a concept or pre-packaged idea. Before shooting I didn’t know what shots I wanted or how I wanted the edit to be. It’s a good exercise in the craft, to learn how to relax and flow, because that’s when you create the best work. Elijah: The intention was to release to improvisation, and that’s what we did with this exercise. I move similarly to Jason in this regard of executing my best work when I am engaged in an active process of presence and flowing in, around, and with, stimulus to the work at hand.

It’s a beautiful way to put time that has been spent working on more technical aspects of the craft (for me), to use in a collaborative and creative sphere. And it also opens up so much room in the collaboration process - things aren’t so cemented. There’s more room for shifts and surprises.


Photographer: Elijah Ndoumbé

Cinematographer & editor: Jason Prins

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