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Unlabelled X Tea Tree &CO | How the Spaces We Occupy Impact Our Well-Being

Design brand Tea Tree &CO is launching their new store in 27 Boxes. And as part of the launch, MD of Tea Tree &CO Mmabatho Montse-Hlabangane will be engaging with me, Unlabelled founder Phendu Kuta, on a conversation on wellness and well-being titled: "How the Spaces We Occupy Impact Our Wellness and Well-being". Also sharing insights on the topic will be Busisiwe Mkhize, a style maven, Sangoma and founder of Mwezipendo - a design brand inspired to help people connect to their royal selves.

Mmabatho and I's conversation will be about awareness of our environments and relationships and how these factors positively or negatively contribute to our emotional and mental health and how to maintain staying in your power base. The conversation will also touch on how design and creativity impact our environments and thus contribute to our well-being.   

The beginning of any healing journey is self-awareness, and as we engage on this topic, those in attendance will be called to have moments of introspection on emotional or mental wounds caused by their environments or relationships.  

The theme "How the Spaces We Occupy Impact Our Wellness and Well-being" will be a three-part series with the first event focused on "Be The Influence or Be Influenced", this theme will look at how negative experiences, environments and relationships can either deter us or mould us into better human beings and how we can focus on the latter by making powerful decisions for ourselves to not be victims of our circumstances. With this conversation, we aim to empower the listener to take charge of their experiences and be aware of the influences around them.

The way that we design space has a direct impact on our physical and mental fatigue, awareness, memory cognition, depression, cardiovascular & musculoskeletal health. Thus we will also be sharing practical design ideas to apply to your environment for the betterment of your wellness and well-being. During the final segment of the conversation, attendees can join the conversation through questions or personal insights as we collectively seek healthier states of being. 

Join us as we celebrate the launch on an early afternoon of drinks, all things design and good vibes on 20th July at 27 Boxes from 12:00 - 15:30.  


Photography: Fortune Flank

Clothing: VIVIERS

Accessories: Pichulik and Black Betty

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