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SASH Presents Bantu Space Odyssey Capsule Collection

Bantu Space Odyssey is a capsule collection based on a fictional story of Bantu Bekindlela Mkhonazi ,a African Space traveler inspired by Muzi's track: Bantu Space Odyssey of his Afrovision Album. Story conceptualized by SASH.

Bantu Space Odyssey It’s the year 2076, Africa has been the leading nation of the universe for the past 50 years after they discovered humans could live in space. The universe now looks to Africa for a hero. Bantu Bekindlela Mkhonazi, Commander of the Azania Space station, Afronaut, Explorer, and traveler. Sent by the Bantu on a quest into space to help save the Bantu from DADA , ruler of the third dimension, destroyer of worlds, enforcer of evil, who lives of the culture and heritage he steals from the planets he destroys. Sash South Africa the universe's now leading design house has designed the official gear for the nations hero Bantu.  

Photographer: Kgomotso Neto Tleane Styling: Buhle Bubu Mbongwa Behind-the-scenes: Khotso Bantu Mahlangu Model: Nino Dim Art Direction: Sakhile Sash Cebekhulu

Video Directed by: Lubabalo Mxalisa

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