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"Colour Me Africa"

A gentle flow of movement and carefree energy is unique to my style of shooting. I encourage the models I work with to move to their own rhythm and I capture those movements, where they appear transfixed in the moment. When I look through the images created in this story, I see strong, structured bodies and poses that hold and embody gentle souls and spirits.

In this story, we wanted to explore colours, textures, patterns and shapes of local designers whose work explores and embodies African heritage, culture and identity as well as elements of nature.

The goal for this project was to bring together a team of local creatives who showcase diverse talent through emboldened, statement pieces, designs and looks that carry a distinct sense of culture. It’s a collaborative story that showcases a high standard of work ethic and creativity of the people who created it and brought it to life.

Colour Me Africa is an editorial by Natasha Maritz with a team of talented creatives. Natasha Maritz is a Cape Town based photographer on a mission to bring joy and truth to people’s lives and the brands they love. She aims to make people feel happier, smile a bit more and be seen and heard if they feel silenced.

Photography : Natasha Maritz

Make-up : Anette Wirtz


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