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"Divine Feminine Energy" | A Collaborative Visual Story By Three Ivorian Women

'Divine Feminine Energy' is effortless; it is kismet; it is higher selves radiating power and beauty in its purest form. It is us.

'Divine Feminine Energy' is not only the title of this visual story; it is also the energy that brought three female Ivorian creatives together to create magic. Saphir Niakadié, Lafalaise Dion, and Djamilla all connected through social media, thus building relationships that would bring them together over the December holidays in Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire.

Saphir Niakadié is an internationally published Ivorian photographer and creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. Saphir's work is inspired by her homeland and the diaspora. She is passionate about capturing black bodies and sharing the beauty of Africa through portrait, editorial, and conceptual photography.

Born in Côte D'Ivoire, raised in Morocco, and living in Montreal, Djamilla identifies herself as a product of the diaspora. Djamilla is a women's rights advocate, a model, and a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and International Law. In 2015, she co-founded SAYASPORA, a media platform for young African women around the world.

Lafalaise Dion is a designer and senior content manager at Elle Côte D'lvoire. The self-proclaimed 'Queen of Cowries', created her first cowrie piece in 2018. Since then her designs have been worn by Beyoncè, Ebonee Davis and Mamé Adjei.

In some African mythologies the cowrie shell is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, womanhood and fertility.


Photography: Saphir Niakadie

Production /creative direction/ styling: Djamilla, Lafalaise Dion, Saphir Niakadie

Headpieces: Lafalaise Dion

Models: Asna, Djamilla, @ianamarriane

Assistant: @grekouanne


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